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Whizard® Power Knife by Bettcher Industries Inc.

Treat your customers with gyros or kebab pitta or sandwitch that looks great and tastes better because now you can slice gyros very thinly!

The gyros and kebab knife Whizard® Power Knife slices longer, thinger slices for a fuller, better looking souvlaki or plate portion, yielding 25% more product compared to other "electric gyros knives" or 50% more than a hand knife or home electric-type kitchen knife with reciprocating movement!

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Less hussle, more profit, quicker service,
right in the palm of your hand!

  • Designed for safety & comfort

    The gyros and kebab knife Whizard® Power Knife is the only ergonomically designed to reduce muscle fatigue during operation. The safety shut-off feature minimizes any risk of injury.

    Sharpening and cleaning the electric gyros knife is done fast and easy, providing autotonomy from the constant sharpening of knives.

  • Simple, virtually effortless operation

    New but also experienced, young but also of older age employees can utilize the innovative gyros knife by Bettcher and slice in a matter of minutes.

    Increased productivity for you and faster and better service for your customers!

  • Adjustable depth gauge

    Controlling overall quality, consistency and slice thickness is easy and fast without the need for specialized tools. The desired gyros slice weight is set instantly and all users of the knife will cut the same, insuring profit and consistency compared to conventional knives.

    Adjust the desired thickness and let Whizard® Power Knife do the rest!


Exclusive Distributors in Greece and Europe! K&N ENGINEERS CO LTD now offers the No 1 Electric Gyros Knife, in the wider European market.